Internet of Things

We can develop IoT projects from smart devices and sensors to city lightning. The custom IoT software & hardware development helps businesses impact and conquer markets.


We prototype smart devices to help consumers check their ideas before investing in full-scale development. To prototype a gadget, we use IoT boards, sensors, and ready-made enclosures.
  • PCB layout and design
  • Firmware development
  • Schematics


We develop firmware and embedded systems to integrate smart devices into IoT infrastructure, capture sensor data, relay it to the cloud, and perform data analysis on a device in edge and fog computing deployments.
  • DSP programming
  • CloudBridge development
  • BSPs for real-time and embedded OSs


We serve customers to configure connected devices, control IoT systems onsite and remotely, analyze sensor data using BI tools, and present it via interactive dashboards.
  • Web-based HMIs
  • Real-time sensor data visualization
  • Custom IoT platforms based on AWS IoT Greengrass, Azure IoT Hub, and Google Cloud IoT Core