Web development

We provide everything from frontend and backend development services. Single Page Applications to backend API systems. Our web development natives specialize in Go, Javascript, AngularJS, Node.js, and React.


  • Parallel development
  • Independent deployment
  • Continuous refactoring
The microservice architecture offers the flexibility of software applications as suites of separately deployable services. We produce application architecture that represents the synergies between applications, middleware systems, and different types of components to ensure various modules can operate mutually.


  • Postgre SQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDV
  • Elasticsearch
We use SQL or NoSQL databases. The choice of databases could decide together with customer requirements and a stack of architecture.

Cloud hosting

  • AWS
  • Netlify
  • Digital Ocean
  • Microsoft Azure
We use Cloud hosting services to provide you a great balance between affordability and power. We are hosting your application on multiple servers, which pull resources from a variety of different locations. This makes cloud service a scalable, stable, and flexible type of hosting. We choose cloud solutions based on your application requirements and business goal.

Back-end development

  • Node.js
  • Go
  • Express
In the back-end development, our digital natives specialize with Go, Node.js, Express and Python. Backend is a hidden but essential piece of your web application. Our developers can create and support strong back-end infrastructures developing a secure architecture that will ensure the reliability and scalability of your web app.

Front-end development

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • Elasticsearch
In the front-end development, we are using AngularJS, React, and Vue.js frameworks. When developing with any of these frameworks, we determine them based on the requirement of the project. Meanwhile, a few of our favorite dependencies include Webpack, TypeScript, Yarn, Lodash, Bulma, and Babel.


  • Kubernates
  • Nginx
  • Docker
The infrastructure used to enhance the performance and reliability of web sites, applications, databases, and other services by distributing the workload across multiple servers. We can set up a mostly used variety of infrastructure which can be determined based on product demand.